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Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation service

With the service of simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation, you will achieve successful relationships with the attendees of your convention, meeting or conference.

We help you gain the trust of your listeners with interpreters of all languages who will fluidly convey your message.
Simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. You choose!

  • Language interpreters
  • Sign Language interpreters
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation
  • All languages and national coverage

Interpretation service for events

Do you have a convention, meeting, or presentation? Do you are concerned that people won’t understand the message because of language differences?

The interpretation service for events is the solution you need to promote understanding between the communicator and the attendees regardless of the languages of origin and destination.

Get the best image for your brand without losing business opportunities due to a lack of understanding. Our team of interpreters provides you with optimal communication of your product or service.

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Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the perfect solution to communicate in great affluence or live information transmissions in real-time events.

We adapt to your needs. Communicate without barriers with the simultaneous interpretation service in any language or sign language for the hearing impaired community.

We offer:

  • Performers for fairs and stands
  • Interpreters for congresses
  • Interpreters for conventions and incentives
  • Interpretation for press conferences
  • Interpreter for company events
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Consecutive interpretation

The type of event and the number of people attending will be decisive when choosing the consecutive interpretation service.

In consecutive performances, the interpreter acts as an intermediary between the speakers without technical equipment. When the speaker pauses or has completed a phrase or idea, the interpreter transmits the message to the target language.

This service is ideal for meetings, interviews, medical appointments, presentations, judges, press conferences. According to the needs of your event, we will support you with the most appropriate interpretation service for each case.

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Interpretation services with our seal of quality

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    30 years of experience at your service

    Thirty years of experience allow us to have a global vision of each type of event. We understand them. We know what needs to be done, and we do it well. Now, we put all our knowledge at the service of your event.

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    Event service in any city

    If passion has no borders, neither does our management. We provide service of events throughout the national territory so that wherever you go, you can count on the solvency of the Cary Camacho Azafatas e Intérpretes team.

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    Sustainability and commitment

    Sustainability guides us in each of the actions. We rely on the Circular economy’s principles to create sustainable events. We reduce waste and economise energy resources to reduce environmental impact.

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