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Inmócionate is a real estate fair that brings together the leaders of the national and international market and staff of the real estate world in two days of presentations and conferences to discover the novelties of the sector.

It is fair to make relationships, explore, learn, and learn from the best, who share their experience with visitors.

For the fair’s management, the organizing committee of Inmociónate counted on Cary Camacho Azafatas and our exclusive team of stewardesses specialized in fairs and congress.

During the two days that lasted the real estate fair Inmotionate, our stewardesses attended to more than 1000 professionals, receiving the attendees at the reception and delivering them documentation of interest, guiding them through the different and spaces and coordinating the attendees to get an orderly and well-organized event.

Our stewardesses offer an excellent presence. They are proactive and decisive to attend diligently in any situation. They are trained, provide a high cultural level and speak different languages to adapt to any event, fair, congress and exhibition.

inmocionate madrid

How will we make your event a success? We study your needs in detail and elaborate an action plan to define the reception points, spaces, promotions, merchandising and closing acts of the event and select the most appropriate stewardesses. They will have a written briefing with all the details, as we did at the Inmotionatefair.

Inmomcionate is held every year and is the most important real estate event nationwide. It was a pleasure to participate in these exciting days and attend to its almost 1000 attendees.