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Anniversary Celebration Magazine Seville

The celebration of the anniversary magazine Sevilla has been another fantastic event in which we have participated.

Cary Camacho Azafatas was part of the 5th Aniversario of Magazine Sevilla in a special gala at the Cortijo Gota de Leche (headquarters of Sevilla Magazine), where the “Favoritos 2017” Awards were presented to important women in music and television, such as Paula Vázquez, Ana Obregón or Lorena Gómez.

The celebration of the anniversary of Sevilla Magazine was a night full of magic and elegance. We have the attendance of people as well known as Juan y Medio, Javián, Antonio Cortés or the Humoristas Virus, in charge of putting the note of humour to the gala.

Ricardo Castillejo, founder and director of Sevilla Magazine, counted on our team of stewardesses to celebrate its fifth anniversary. We selected our best stewardesses at the height of such a mediumistic or special event.

We are very proud to have participated in the celebration of the anniversary magazine Seville and offered all our experience organising events, fairs, exhibitions, and congresses in a gala that has brought together the most outstanding social, heart, musical and television fields.

Anniversary Celebration Magazine Seville

For the management, we plan every detail of the event and the awards ceremony: location of the attendees, reception and farewell, and the different interventions during the gala.

Our stewardesses offered their best presence and professionalism, adding this appointment to a long list of events organised by Cary Camacho Azafatas.

Since our foundation in 1989, we have participated, organised or managed a broad sample of events, fairs, exhibitions and congresses of different nature and formats. We adapt our services to offer the best to our customers.