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Airbus Seville anniversary celebration

The celebration of the Airbus Seville anniversary has been one of the most notable events in which we have enjoyed participating.

Thanks to the extensive experience of Cary Camacho Azafatas and the solvency of our team in many events and congresses, Airbus Seville hired our services for the realisation of the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Factory of San Pablo in the city of Seville and the anniversary of the first flight of theA400M military transport aircraft, the star program of the company and one of the most outstanding airbus Seville news.

To celebrate the anniversary of Airbus Seville, the plant organised a memorable day for its employees and family members. Who toured the facilities where the company’s military aircraft are assembled in a highly technological and experiential event in which more than 8000 attendees participated.

Our stewardesses from Seville were present, accompanied the stents during the different celebrations and activities organised.

The Airbus Seville anniversary event creators developed a mobile application as an organisational tool to create personalised routes of the visit, manage the waiting times in each of the activities, and travel in a very visual way the different processes of creating an aircraft characteristics.

In total, were organised more than 40 wow activities and experiences for the more than 8,000 attendees who visited the plant. Such as an immersive 3D mapping audiovisual installation served as a starting point and flight experiences with virtual reality and augmented reality.

airbus seville anniversary

The climax of the celebration occurred at the end of the day, during the exhibition of a flight composed of the Airbus Defence and Space family (the A400M, A330 MRTT, C295 and Eurofighter Typhoon), which served as a finishing touch to the celebration events, one of the most mediatic of the celebration Airbus Seville news.

During the event’s celebration, our stewardesses guided, accompanied and coordinated the participants offering their maximum professionalism and elegance to make the event a success.