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Why choose Cary Camacho Stewardesses & Interpreters?

Choosing Cary Camacho Hostesses and Interpreters is choosing experience, elegance, solvency and maximum professionalism.

We attend, manage and coordinate all kinds of events, regardless of size, location or format so that you only have to worry about enjoying it.

Since 1989 we have successfully held a comprehensive sample of top-level events, fairs, congresses and exhibitions.

We are where you need us. We offer national coverage and we travel anywhere in Spain. Bet on Cary Camacho and enjoy the solvency of more than 30 years of experience.

Cary Camacho's values

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    30 years creating successful events

    The success of your event is backed by more than 30 years of experience. Since 1989 we lead the sector of the organization of events, fairs, congresses and exhibitions with a unique team of professionals.

    We follow our own methodology to achieveoptimal results: listen > research > plan > perform.

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    We are where you need us

    Wherever your event is, we are.

    We offer a service of national coverage, and we travel to any point in Spain to hold your event or congress.

    We listen to your needs, research your sector, plan every detail and offer all our capacity. So that your event – wherever it is – is the most satisfactory.

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    Committed and professional, the team you want by your side

    Presence, professionalism, closeness, resolving capacity. We work with a team committed and willing to achieve all your goals.

    Cary Camacho’s stewardesses offer a striking image of your company that combines training, impeccable appearance, languages and the best of qualities: the commitment to meet your business needs.

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    Sustainability in each action

    We minimize the environmental impact and increase the social impact of your event. We reduce, recycle and bet on sustainability in all our actions.

    We promote public or shared transport, save energy resources and reduce the waste generated so that the footprint left by your event is only in the heart of your guests.

Agency's aproach
Our history, your future

Our history begins in 1989, 5 years before the cultural explosion of Seville as host of the Expo of ’92. After the Expo, the number of events and our team grew significantly. We had the opportunity to participate in numerous events and celebrations.

Those years served to build the basis of today’s Cary Camacho Stewardesses and Interpreters. Learning and perfecting our actions in each event in which we participate.
Since 2000 the projects were increasingly important and demanding, which has led us to reinvent and update our services constantly to offer the highest quality -and a little more-.

The background accumulated in these more than 30 years has consolidated us as an agency of hostesses and solvent, elegant and professional interpreters with service throughout Spain.

Now, our story is your future. We put all our experience at the service of your next event.

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Cary Camacho

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